Who is Who in Paid Search


Paid searches provide search results that benefit both the advertiser and the consumer. Paid searches are providing a steady leap forward on the Internet and are affording more opportunities for consumers and major corporations.

Today, searching on the Internet has become so popular that tens of thousands of marketers have begun to include Internet search advertising into their online marketing strategies. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Search, in 2003 marketing was a $2.1 billion business, today it has grown by leaps and bounds.

Online marketing has now become familiar and mainstream. The amount of money spent on search marketing is now driving the economic resurgence of big Internet brands. Right from their inceptions, Google, Yahoo, MSN, ABCSearch and other search engines have been witnessing a steady increase in many aspects of their corporations. The increased growth in search marketing translates into search marketing practitioners having to master an increasingly demanding schedule in order to run a sound search marketing campaign.

Daniel Yomtobian

ABCSearch is an example of this type of success, which was co-founded by Daniel Yomtobian, a young achiever in the online advertising industry. He has created an Internet search engine ABCSearch that offers advertisers the most cost-effective way to drive targeted customer leads to their websites. Serving over 2.5 billion searches a month, the company has continued to move forward successfully. ABCSearch can be called a "marketer's dream," as they have been successful in bringing buyers and sellers together at just the right time.